Hurricane Katrina

 Saw on TV last night that Hurricane Katrina caused half million people homeless, devastating scenes with the background of “Amazing Grace”: helicopter lift of people from their roofs; husband had to let go wife’s hand as she being washed away by floods; catastrophic scenes of crushed houses; imagine 80% of the whole city under water;  I am speechless.  …

At the end, in a broken neighborhood, there is an American flag stood among the debris, dancing with the wind.  Suddenly, it striked me that’s what American spirit about.  Like years ago’s tsunami, humanity shows its best side when facing nature catastrophe.


1 Response to Hurricane Katrina

  1. hester说道:

    Just back from watching the War of the Worlds, and thinking what I would do if the world turns to be like that ? Extremely Horrible, isn\’t it ? The movie makes cherish my current life, what can you ask for more than the peace ? I happy, therefore I am !


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