Horse Ranch in Montana

Between jobs, I have One week to spare.  Where shall I go, though I applied visa to Myanmar, I changed my mind at last minute to make it no-rush, no-pressure one week stay at a Montana working horse ranch.


It has been a wonderful 6 days-6 nights stay, with almost none-exist wifi, no-TV, no cell signal.   Authentic cabin, you have your own space, A Lot of it actually.  I finished all the Economists and BW magazines I brought, plus the Dan Brown’s new book , which I felt close since I was in Florence and Venice 2 months ago.  At the end of the stay, I ran out reading materials.

Twice-a-day horse riding on various trails along the Montana Mountains, next to the Yellow Stone was overwhelmingly beautiful.  My horse for the week is a 10-year old with name “Red Cloud”, he had an attitude of his own, I tried hard to cope with that.  lol

Always want to have some sort of Cowboy experience, never thought I will got that accomplished in Montana other than Texas.  For a week-long Cowboy experience, that was so much fun, cheers!  For being the only one came alone, not so much.



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